Top Reasons for Tooth Sensitivity

Most of the people you can have conversation to can admit that they suffer from tooth sensitivity, and each of them would agree that it’s not a pleasant thing to happen. There can be a number of sources which can trigger this pain due to sensitivity. And if you ask a dentist, you may find some pretty surprising reasons.

What is tooth sensitivity?

The very first thing you need to understand before talking about tooth sensitivity is that the inner part of tooth is always sensitive, and that it is going to remain like this forever. It’s the dental crown which holds the responsibility to protect your inner tooth from foreign materials which can result in pain and infections.

The outermost layer of the teeth is called tooth enamel. Enamel covers the dentin which is porous and vulnerable part of the tooth. Then there is pulp which is the most sensitive part. It contains verves and vessels which keep the tooth alive.

The reasons for tooth sensitivity

Since most of the people might not want to know what happens inside the tooth because it’s too much of a doctor’s discussion, discussing only the reasons which cause sensitivity should suffice.

Chewing ice

It’s definitely fun to chew on ice during summers because it provides cool sensation. But the destructive nature of this practice remains to be the fact you cannot deny. Apart from the slow damage it can do with the tooth enamel, chewing on ice can also cause sudden dental emergencies.

Bad diet

Processed foods may give your taste buds the treat you want but these are the very foods which can not only destroy your oral health but also overall health. Imbalance in diet can cause the pH of mouth to go out of balance. As a result, increased acidity or basicity of mouth can cause the tooth enamel to erode.

Aggressive tooth brushing

It’s good to be proactive and conscious about dental care but you shouldn’t become aggressive in your approach. For instance, people are often seen brushing their teeth using unnecessary force. This aggressive brushing can cause tooth enamel to wear out eventually.

Bleaching the teeth too often

While it may be okay to bleach the teeth after a while, doing it too often can be destructive. It can lead to the erosion of enamel and eventually teeth sensitivity.

Sinus infection

It may not sound logical to most of the people but sinus infection can result make the teeth to become sensitive. The reason is that sinus infection can result in inflammation. This inflammation can affect dental health.


Stress may not affect dental health in direct manner but it can actually result in bruxism in a lot of people. As a result, the teeth can reduce in length, leaving the chewing surface exposed to foreign elements which can enter into the inner teeth and cause sensitivity.

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